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Power. Genius. Sex. Mozart.

A War with God.


March 27 - April 12 


Common Ground Theatre

4815 B Hillsborough Road

Durham, NC 27705

Artistic Team:

Director: Jaybird O'Berski

Actors: Jade Arnold (Mozart), Molly Forlines (Constanze), John Jimerson (Salieri), Trevor Johnson (Strack), Carly Prentis Jones (Venticello 1, Katherina Cavalieri), Liam O'Neill (Rosenberg), Tony Perucci (Kaiser Joseph II), Caitlin Wells (Venticello 1), Laurie Wolf (Sweiten)

Stage Management: Jessica Flemming, Kristian King

Costume and Mask Design: Chelsea Kurtzman, Wil Deedler

Lighting Designer: R.S. Buck

Sound Designer: Adam Lindquist

Movement Director: Lucius Robinson

Leviathan Theatre Company

(919) 213-1070


"We're interested in rehabilitating the play from it's strong associations with the Academy Award winning film.  The decadence of the piece is attractive, where gluttony is tactile (sex), oral (food) and aural (music) and motivates the characters, pitching them into battle over limited resources."

-Jaybird Oberski, Director

Winner of seven Tony awards, including Best Play, Amadeus bursts with decadence and Mozart’s music.  Antonio Salieri, the most powerful composer of his time, is confronted with the crude and infantile genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Obsessively jealous of Mozart’s gifts, Salieri realizes that his talent is no match for Mozart's.  So, he sets out to destroy his rival.

Art by Randy Skidmore


Trailer by Nick Karner

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What the Press is saying:

"Jade Arnold...is astonishing"

"Molly Forlines [is] voluptuous and nasty"

"Word-of-mouth will make tickets scarce for the remainder of the run"

"The Most Visually Compelling Work of the Year"

"An Opera of Words"